Title : MCM Maturity Index

Source : Indgene

Function : Maturity of multichannel marketing (MCM) initiatives of pharma companies

Title : Healthcare and Life Sciences Predictions 2020

Source : Deloitte

Function : A bold future ?

Title : Smarter Spend Management

Source : KPMG

Function : Internal Finance Model

Title : Global Financial Stability Report October 2018

Source : International Monetary Fund

Function : A Decade after the Global Financial Crisis: Are We Safer?

Title : New Approach to Job Hunting

Source : LinkedIn

Function : New Technology New Careers

Title : Organic Farming in India: Present Status, Challenges and Technological Break through

Source : Research Gate

Function : Agribusiness

Title : Healthcare Trends and Challenges

Source : PWC India

Function : Healthcare Trends India 2018

Title : What happens when a job for life becomes a job for a day

Source : Ernest and Young

Function : People Management